What is a private midwife?


When it comes to your pregnancy there are a number of choices to consider – “what shall we call our baby?” and “should we find out the sex of our baby?” or even “what colour shall we paint the nursery?”. And when it comes to the actual medical care and support you can receive, there … Read more

First time pregnancy advice

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For first time mums there are so many different things they may need to seek advice on and a wide range of places to get answers to all of their burning questions. A qualified midwife is by far the best placed person to help you – they are trained, highly skilled and experienced, having spoken … Read more

A guide to NHS Pregnancy Scans


A landmark moment for many couples having a child (especially their first) is when they attend their first prenatal ultrasound scan and get to see their baby for the first time. In this guide we take a look at the various NHS pregnancy scans that will happen during your pregnancy, how often they will happen … Read more

31 Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

signs of pregnancy

Congratulations on getting pregnant!  Now the fun begins… When you’re trying to conceive you watch out for every little sign and subtle nuance that could mean you’re pregnant.  Too early to test yet but think you might be pregnant?  You could get all of these signs or none at all – welcome to pregnancy where everything … Read more

What is pregnancy care and what does it involve?

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Pregnancy care, also known as antenatal care, is the name given to the advice and help you will be given by healthcare professionals leading up to the birth of your child. Whether you’re a first time mum or already have children, there is specific help available to you from the NHS that you’re entitled to. … Read more

10 Popular questions for Breastfeeding helplines


From needing to know which feeding positions are good to understanding what ‘responsive feeding’ is, breastfeeding is one of the topics that new mums have a large number of questions about. In this article we take a look at 10 popular questions that Breastfeeding helplines get asked by both new mums and mums-to-be. How will … Read more