Your Personal Midwife.

Ask The Midwife is the UK’s first ever health advice app that’s has been designed and run by Registered UK Midwives. We have created the app to offer you a fast, responsive, professional advice line that can run alongside your normal midwifery care throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond! You will have a Midwife at the touch of a button, and no longer need to ask Dr Google for help! As Midwives who are extremely passionate about offering you the care you deserve, we created this service so that we can help you with any questions, no matter how little they are so that you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy. This app is not just for Mums – we welcome partners, and family members too – you can all Ask The Midwife!


I am so grateful to Ask The Midwife for the fantastic care I received online during my second pregnancy. Although it was a relatively easy pregnancy, it was still so important that I had someone professional and knowledgeable to hand at all times. There were times when a hospital midwife didn’t get back to me, or I felt silly going in to be checked out, so the option to ask online was perfect for those instances in which I just needed to calm my anxieties or ask a question. Thanks for being so supportive and for giving loads of women this much needed and wanted service.

Ask The Midwife was a great support for me online during a pregnancy that sadly ended in miscarriage and during my last pregnancy, which resulted in the birth of my beautiful baby girl. A lot of the time, my local triage number is engaged during the day or no one is able to pick up the phone. Having someone to talk to online, who is a knowledgable midwife was very reassuring and helpful. The support was invaluable. Thank you.

Throughout my pregnancy I had many concerns which I would always forget to write down or ask my regular community midwife so it was lovely to have Ask The Midwife on hand to ask immediately. The responses were brilliant and it was lovely to have a midwife on hand in between regular midwife and consultant appointments.

Ask The Midwife’s help has been invaluable throughout my pregnancy. Always there when needed, around the clock. With my second pregnancy, I had the peace of mind I’d always wished for the first time around, knowing I wouldn’t have to wait till my next appointment to have my long list of questions answered. Thank you again for all the knowledgeable advice!